Experiential Marketing: BMW Flash Projection

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Experiential Marketing, Odd Mediums
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From German engineering to luxury, BMW has always given their users an experience beyond any other. As a huge supporter of ‘anti-buyer’s remorse,’ BMW constantly reminds their users how great it is to own a BMW. Of course I cannot relate with my 1980 BMW R65 Motorcycle to their current strategy, but this Flash Projection reminded me of BMW’s innovative efforts. From the flash logo to the ad itself, this experiential marketing stunt has reminded me where BMW has been and where they are going.

Source Experiential Marketing: BMW Flash Projection via Guerrilla Cheese Marketing

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Source: Brew Beer Blog / Best Homebrewing Books

  1. Great video.

    This was a very controlled demonstration, I wonder if it could legally be done in public…like during a football game or something.

    To see your favorite team’s logo for a flash every time you had an extended blink, would be intense.

    • ssevern says:

      I don’t see it as feasible in any other setting. In this controlled environment the audience was completely focused, which is the big reason why it worked out so well. Either way it was an awesome experience for the audience.

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