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Why is ordering the first drink so awkward? Do you play it safe with a Stella? Or do you end up ordering something a little more complex like a Hendricks Dirty Martini, stirred, 3 olives, and a layer of ice on top? (My Personal Favorite) When a bar shelf is filled to the brim with 200+ bottles staring down at you, how could you not be intimidated. In an effort to create not only a conversation piece, Jameson was able to interact with their target audience of night owls in NYC and LA to help them with their most important decision for the night, the first drink. As passerby’s wandered around into the night, the billboard (i.e. the guy in the car) points you out, asks you how your night is going, and asks about any other personal endeavors for the night.

Source Interactive Outdoor Projection: Jameson, Taking Charge via Guerrilla Cheese Marketing

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Source: Brew Beer Blog / Best Homebrewing Books


As the holiday season ended, Saatchi & Saatchi LA established a brilliant idea of combining robots, alcohol, and charitable giving. Taking it to the next level, this interactive ‘holiday card’ proved to be a huge success by letting users play (Egg)Nog Pong via web. If that wasn’t enough to motivate you know that every ball sunk meant a donation to 3 specific charities: Amanda Foundation, Free Arts, and New Directions. The online scene was exploding with activity with users waiting over an hour just for one turn. Played throughout 66 different countries, Saatchi LA had generated over 80,000 video streams and 2,000 Facebook likes during their 5-Day workweek. This stunt engaged every type of user from competing agencies to clients, as well as the avid beer pong enthusiast.

Source Interactive Marketing: Nog Pong, But With Robots via Guerrilla Cheese Marketing

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Source: Brew Beer Blog / Best Homebrewing Books