I always remembered when I was a kid how my Grandma would always give me her change from an old wine jug. Back then, $2.47 in pennies seemed like $100 (almost enough money for an 8 year old to control the world). Now that I’m in my last semester of college, I have started to receive my student loan statements. These statements have shown me that pocket change has once again has become my BFF.  Consultoria Inc., an Advertising firm in Rancho Cucamonga, has taken the extraordinary image of pocket change and wrapped it into a coin sleeve. This guerrilla campaign not only nails the drunk, cheap college student that Taco Bell targets, but its concept is expressed in a way where 79¢ is perceived as less to further exhibit how far pocket change can get you.

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Nokia has created the world’s largest interactive signpost smack down the middle of London! This giant sign came with the purpose of increasing product awareness for Nokia’s new GPS (Global Positioning System). Consumers could to text in recommendations of local attractions and hotspots anywhere in the world. Once submitted, participant’s destinations were displayed upon the massive sign, complete with destination and distance to that location.  The signpost was complemented by a website that kept track of all recommendations. This Guerrilla stunt created a monstrous impact on the London market, illustrating that the use of social media while utilizing the power of consumers can create a lifetime brand experience. This sign gave London individuals the perfect experience of what it’s like to own a Nokia GPS.

‘Hey, no big deal, but I just controlled the world’s largest sign!’

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Every kid had glow-in-the-dark star stickers covering their ceilings; CURB just improved that. CURB, a sustainable advertising firm, has taken ‘glow-in-the-dark’ and turned it into a clever advertising medium. As one of many services that CURB provides, Bioluminescence has been one of the most extraordinary. This environmentally friendly bacterium is a harmless, and can last up to a week. Also known as GlowFungi, it may be spread on almost any surface, in any size; its boundaries are endless! Last Christmas, CURB sent out Bioluminescence Christmas cards to 20 of their top clients to show off their innovation. Merry Christmas.. here’s some bacteria!

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Source: Brew Beer Blog / Best Homebrewing Books